Brighton Hackathon

Last week I went to my first hackathon. It was run by the Met Office, so all the projects were weather related. I helped create a game for kids to understand weather networks using a polystyrene globe and simple electronics.

Making a Robot Elephant

When I went to the Brighton Maker Faire last year, it was fun controlling my lecturer’s robot. Kids enjoyed interacting with it but girls tended to watch for a while before tentatively approaching.

So I decided to create a soft, friendly, approachable robot in the form of a baby elephant.

It’s made using recycled materials. The wheels and electronics are from a broken electric wheel chair. Dexion (which is like Meccano for grown-ups) from a mill that closed gives it enough strength to ride on and foam from an old mattress makes it comfy.

The elephant will be in the Green Kids field at Glastonbury Festival in June.

This was the elephant’s first outing and the controls for left and right are back to front, which makes steering very difficult.

Designing a Game

As part of my work for the university’s Widening Participation programme, I go into schools to introduce children to the idea of university. I offered to redesign a game for 11-13 year olds and was asked to create something new.

The idea of the game is to collect skills, study and independence points towards a degree. The board is a map of a campus and students pick up cards with fun facts and trivia about university as they go round. The game is going to be trialled in schools this term and hopefully played for real from September.


L’ocean started as a range of natural skincare products and a shop in Devon. I have scaled it back to concentrate on my studies.


This looks like mayhem but we’re actually in two teams trying to knock the opposing team off whilst completing set tasks. At one point I’m flowriding blind folded amongst it all.

3D Printing

Building a 3d printer from a kit takes the mystery out of the technology.

The printer uses plastic made from cornstarch and has a faint smell like candyfloss when it’s printing.

Winning a Blue Peter Competition


This is my first ever prototype and it won a Blue Peter competition. It’s called a Painting Pal and was intended to paint my bedroom.

I wanted the roller to be held by a cardboard arm at the side, but it was too heavy so I had to stick it in the front of the box. It improved the design but I wouldn’t have come up with it if I’d only drawn a picture.



As part of the prize, I went to the Science Museum with the Blue Peter team. Innovators from the Open University had made a working model of my robot from Lego. I was amazed to find adults taking Lego seriously and saying it’s a useful design tool.

Summer in Cornwall

Australia 2013